Donald Trump YUGE Sound Effect

It’s not huge, it’s YUGE!

Below are ten fun ways to use “YUGE” when ordering dinner.

  • “I’ll have the YUGE burger please.”
  • “Could you make my steak a YUGE?”
  • “I’m feeling extra hungry tonight, so I’ll take a YUGE pizza.”
  • “For an appetizer, let’s go with the YUGE platter of nachos.”
  • “I’ll take the YUGE pasta, and don’t forget the garlic bread.”
  • “Can I get the YUGE salad with grilled chicken?”
  • “One YUGE order of spicy wings, please!”
  • “The YUGE seafood combo sounds perfect for me.”
  • “I can’t resist those YUGE oysters!”
  • “To top it all off, I’ll take a YUGE slice of chocolate cake”

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