Bruh Sound Effect

Bruh! I dropped the soap

Here’s me chattin’ it up in a Discord Roblox channel with some fellow gamers. Bruh!

  1. “Hey, bruh, you catch that new Roblox update? It’s lit!”
  2. “Bruh, I just pulled off the sickest combo in that last game!”
  3. “Who’s up for some tower defense later, bruh?”
  4. “Bruh, I need help with this level; anybody got tips?”
  5. “Yo, bruh, did you see the speedrun of that obby? Insane!”
  6. “Let’s squad up, bruh, and dominate that new dungeon!”
  7. “Bruh, I can’t believe I fell for that prank in the game. Epic fail!”
  8. “Anybody got a rare skin they wanna trade, bruh?”
  9. “Bruh, this new event is gonna be a total game-changer!”
  10. “Bruh!”, “bruh”, “bruuuuhhhhh”!
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